Google TV set to launch in Europe

By Lee Kaelin on August 28, 2011, 12:41 AM

During his keynote speech at the annual Edinburgh Television Festival last Friday, Google Executive Eric Schmidt announced plans to launch Google's TV service in Europe starting early next year.

The original launch in the United States back in October 2010 received rather poor reviews, with questions being raised regarding lack of content being available. This has seen prices slashed on Logitech set-top boxes down as low as $99 in July, with similarly poor sales of the integrated Sony Bravia Google TV models.

How much of a success Google TV will become in Europe remains to be seen, with the UK broadcasters especially concerned about the damage it could do to their existing business models. Strong competition from established companies like Sky and Virgin Media could further complicate matters for the Internet search giant.

During the MacTaggart lecture, Schmidt sought to calm the fears of the broadcasting elite, taking full advantage of the fact he was the first non-TV executive to ever be invited to present the prestigious keynote lecture at the festival.

"We seek to support the content industry by providing an open platform for the next generation of TV to evolve, the same way Android is an open platform for the next generation of mobile” said Schmidt. “Some in the US feared we aimed to compete with broadcasters or content creators. Actually our intent is the opposite…".

Much like in the United States, Google faces a long battle to convince broadcasters and major media players of its intent to help evolve TV platforms with open technologies, rather than topple them.

Google seems to have firmly set its sights on a slice of the estimated $190bn TV advertising market which will do little to calm fears, especially when you consider Google's online advertising figures for 2010 were just $28.9bn in comparison.

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Archean Archean, TechSpot Paladin, said:

Recipe for another failure, but then Big G can sink money and not be bothered about it for now.

Leeky Leeky said:

I personally do not see how google TV can compete with Virgin Media or Sky in our country.

Sure, it offers YouTube, and the internet as a bonus, but catch up on demand TV from the previously mentioned providers already exists. I don't even pay a penny for that privilege with Virgin Media now, and my computers are more than adequate in replacement of a Google TV service.

If the prices are low enough I might invest, and with the economy as it is today, I don't see that being any different for other folk.

Benny26 Benny26, TechSpot Paladin, said:

You both said it.

They're bound to come in at a loss with Sky and Virgin in this country...Google's not thinking straight here.

Guest said:

What's the minimal bandwidth required: 385 kpbs ?

Leeky Leeky said:

The minimum connection speed required is a hard question to answer, but I would imagine the majority of broadband connections would be fine, though the experience is likely to be improved on faster broadband connections, especially during media playback of online content.

Proofix said:

Bout Frikin time...

Guest said:

Google wants to be in everything, I think than when they said Google Earth......they mean it.

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