It's been 15 months since Apple released the iPhone 4. This has left many iPhone, and would-be iPhone customers, anxious for what the company planned to bring next. As we learned recently, the iPhone 4S it is: same body, same screen, same construction, same look as the iPhone 4. To say that some people were disappointed with the 4S announcement would be an understatement.

However, to be fair, beyond the identical exterior lies the hard work that Apple put forth on the inside. An upgraded processor, an improved antenna, and an all-new camera into the iPhone 4S. The other big story, or should we say, the bigger story with the iPhone 4S is the iOS 5 software upgrade and the voice-controlled personal assistant called Siri. iOS 5 offers over 200 new features to Apple's smartphone platform, most of which are also available to current owners of previous-gen devices.

With the rapid pace at which smartphones are developing these days, many have called the iterative improvements with the iPhone 4S a mistake, as it seems like every other minute a new Android device is out with better, bigger, faster everything. Despite that, the iPhone 4S gently improves on the popular iPhone 4, and it betters what was already one of the best experiences available to a smartphone buyer. Read on to find out what the iPhone 4S is all about and if it's a worthy upgrade to the vaunted iPhone 4.

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