Chrome showing ads for some, will get gamepad support in 2012

By on November 25, 2011, 4:00 PM

Google has reportedly started to promote some of its own products through ads in Chrome. Although they are rather unobtrusive, appearing in a yellow-tinted box at the top of the new-tab page, it has caught the attention of enough people online who are now worried Google might do this a common practice.

The current ad promotes the company's Chrome OS-powered Chromebooks, which happen to be on sale for the holidays. Some say it is Google's right to display ads because Chrome is free software, while others are already threatening to switch browsers unless there's a way to switch the ads off.

Personally, I don't really mind them as long as the ads stay in the new-tab page and don't become obtrusive -- and I really don't think it'll come to that. Cnet notes that when Google launched Chrome in September 2008, it made it clear that the browser was a secondary mechanism for making money. But it wanted to this by enabling a faster and richer browsing experience, getting people to search more and use their web-based services.

Consequently, Google often uses Chrome as a vehicle to bring new Web-app features to market and promote new standards such as SPDY networking, WebM video, and WebP images. One example of this is an upcoming feature that will allow a gamepad to interact with web content on Chrome.

That update is expected to land early next year, according to Google's Paul Kinlan, and is part of an effort to bring console-like gaming to the web. Besides native gamepad support, webcams and microphones will also be made plug-and-play friendly in Chrome without having to install additional plug-ins.

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Guest said:

Yeah, nothing is really for free, we only think it is .. bang ;)

Guest said:

firefox is better anyway :)

Guest said:

Google thrives on ads, so it will never allow extensions like Adblock to have full functionality on their browser. And if that wasn't bad enough, now this... Thank God I've switched back to Firefox, it's still the king in its latest iterations.

RH00D RH00D said:

My problem with Firefox is that the UI just doesn't feel as fluid and smooth as the Chrome UI. Especially when it comes to managing and moving tabs around and dragging tabs off the tab bar to create their own window is really smooth in Chrome compared to Firefox.

That was kind of irrelevant to this article, so here: I don't really mind the ad, all I did was click X on the ad and I haven't seen that ad or any other since. But it'd be cool if they didn't take this further.

Guest said:

If Ads in the browser is the new Google's way... time to switch to another browser. (I almost uninstalled Google's Chrome when I saw the Netbooks' ad. Spotted the x for dismiss the ad just before that.)

captaincranky captaincranky, TechSpot Addict, said:

Must I keep repeating myself? Firefox with "NoScript" to block "".

For fast, fast, relief of that "nose up your a** discomfort that surfing with Chrome can bring.

Yeah, I know..Chrome's faster.....Wheeeeeeeee, Am I talking a lot? Zero to internet in 2 seconds flat is quite a rush.. The faster I get on the web, the more important I feel. Chrome's free you know. Chrome makes me feel important! Am I talking too much...?

MrAnderson said:

I don't mind either as long as these ads do not become injected in my browsing of other sites. In a new tab is not bad. And they look as innocuous as most of their adds, it is fine.

Guest said:

Been with Firefox for almost ten years now, since it was called Firebird. I'm not gonna change, even though I love Google and its product and philosophy, Chrome SUX.

learninmypc learninmypc said:

Google thrives on ads, so it will never allow extensions like Adblock to have full functionality on their browser. And if that wasn't bad enough, now this... Thank God I've switched back to Firefox, it's still the king in its latest iterations.

Have you not seen this [link]

It blocks most of the annoying ads. No browser is perfect.

learninmypc learninmypc said:

I have & use Google Chrome (my fastest browser), Firefox & its relative SeaMonkey which is my default browser.

Shinuz said:

Doesn't really bother i'm a firefox user anyway :)

Guest said:

I'm a Firefox user, but I doubt anyone will switch from Chrome over a little unobtrusive ad like that. Many people were using Chrome before there was even a proper ad blocking extension. Even the Adblock Plus for Chrome doesn't block all the ads (mainly in videos on sites apart from Youtube). If you're set on not having any ads, well you're probably already using Firefox with Adblock Plus.

Firefox 8 is blazing fast, in fact according to statistics, faster than Chrome 15. However I don't see a difference in speed, not without benchmark tools. I use Firefox for the well coded extensions. Chrome extensions are nearly on par, but due to how Chrome extensions are coded, they simply can't be as efficient and can't accomplish _all_ of the same things.

Aside from that, I just find Chrome's interface ugly. Unfortunately you can't customize the interface. I mean here take a look at my customized Firefox:

(the tabs are over to the far left when the window is maximized, obviously)

You can make Firefox look any way you want. It could be identical to Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, or you could make it what you want (like I did).

As for the memory usage debate, Firefox 8 has some major improvements, but I don't really care. It cost me $50 with tax and shipping for 8GB of DDR3 for my laptop.

Guest said:

As long as it is unobtrusive I don't understand why there are so many of you complaining and threatening to uninstall the browser. It has brought a great web experience and Google continues to bring software technology for free to the public with the help of its ad revenue.

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