Google chairman Eric Schmidt photographed using Moto X in public

By on July 12, 2013, 12:00 PM
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What’s one of the best ways to build hype about a new smartphone ahead of its official announcement? According to Google, the answer is simple: have your company chairman use it in public and see how long it takes before anyone notices.

During a recent visit at Allen & Co.'s Sun Valley media conference earlier this week, Google chairman Eric Schmidt was spotted making a call on the not-yet-released Moto X smartphone. The handset isn’t expected to be released until later this year according to Motorola Mobility CEO Dennis Woodside.

In related news, a leaked image from a Chinese microblogging site shows the rear of the Moto X, this time in black. Normally we wouldn’t put too much emphasis on a leaked photo like this but when compared to the handset that Schmidt was seen using, the two look virtually identical.

The back of the phone is curved outwards with a camera lens in the center near the top. Below that is a flash followed by the Motorola logo just below that. On the left side of the camera lens is a perforated speaker grill and on the top edge of the phone, we see what appears to be a secondary microphone hole and a headset jack.

Most believe the Moto X will be highly customizable and given the visual clues in the above photos, it’s pretty safe to assume that the rear panels will be interchangeable. It’ll be just one of several handsets added to the product line, we’re told.

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Skidmarksdeluxe Skidmarksdeluxe said:

I would've thought he would use an Apple phone.

Love_America said:

How cool is it when the elite class in America gets free advertising like this?

The US Military (NSA) has required all Internet connected electronic device makers (Samsung, HTC, Apple, Google, Motorola MOTO X, Microsoft, GM, Chrysler, Ford, etc) to embed backdoor access in all software & hardware in those products to allow them (NSA) to monitor us instantly and easily (PC's, smartphones, OnStar System, tablets, xBox, Skype, Office 365, Skype, DropBox, laptops, PC's, cars, trucks, etc). Using this back door access the NSA now has the capability to store everything and anything about each of us (device audio, video, keyword searches, email content, web sites visited, contacts, GPS locations, etc) . They have your voice-print, and face image (for facial recognition). They (the NSA) have admitted they can turn on any of your devices at any time and use the microphones and/or cameras and convert all your conversations to text and store it forever.

Wonder if the NSA listens in on his phone calls too?

1 person liked this | veLa veLa said:

Looks a little bit thick but let's hope that it's because of a Razr Maxx sized battery.

Guest said:

Schmidt's handset has the perforated speaker grill on the left side of the camera while the leaked image (the black phone) shows the grill on the right side.

gamoniac said:

Wait a minute... That photo of Schmidt is so nicely posed, is very clear (DSLR quality), and has bokeh (blurred background). Hmm, are you sure Google didn't take this picture themselves?

JC713 JC713 said:

Looks awesome. Too bad it is way too similar to the Droid DNA and HTC One.

scorpionvenom said:

Ill be deleting my dropbox and transferring everything over to mega and microsoft can go to hell as far as im concerned

Camikazi said:

Ill be deleting my dropbox and transferring everything over to mega and microsoft can go to hell as far as im concerned

Just trading one government spying program for another, all countries capable of doing it already does and those incapable are working on it. Knowledge is power and all governments know this so spying on citizens has always been something they do now it is just getting easier to do it.

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