BlackBerry A10 photo leak, 9720 model will ship with outdated OS

By on July 12, 2013, 5:30 PM

BlackBerry has undeniably faced difficulties in the recent past, yet somehow the company continues to survive. Although many analysts had predicted that the Q10 and Z10 handsets would be the final rendition of the BlackBerry phone line, the rumor mill believes otherwise, and now has pictures to prove it.

According to BGR, the BlackBerry 9720 and the BlackBerry A10 will hit store shelves later this year. Originally code-named “Aristo”, the A10 will be the company’s marquee device, with its primary focus on the gaming market. Much larger than any of its predecessors, the smartphone is adorned with a 5-inch display. To improve on the color issues that plagued owners of the BlackBerry Q10, the Canadian manufacturer has upgraded to a new Super AMOLED Screen, shown below. BGR believes that the device will carry a resolution of 1280 x 720, which is a little underwhelming for those accustomed to 1080p.

Reports also suggest that the BlackBerry A10 will carry 2GB of RAM, as well as a dual-core processor. Consumers will probably be upset that BlackBerry decided to forgo the more powerful quad-core chip; however, this decision should improve the battery life.

Aesthetically, the device can be compared to the popular Galaxy S4, with its screen slightly larger than its Samsung counterpart. It will feature round edges, which can be contrasted against the sharp corners and harsh look of the BlackBerry Z10.

At the other end of the spectrum, is the upcoming BlackBerry 9720, which aims to be an upgraded version of the BlackBerry Bold 9700. Interestingly, this device will feature the outdated BlackBerry OS 7, instead of new BlackBerry OS 10.

As the only new QWERTY model currently known, the product doesn’t exactly spark much excitement. In fact, when compared to the two-year old BlackBerry 9900 (device on the right), it seems to be a considerable step backwards. Luckily, the handset does have one saving grace: it should be relatively inexpensive.

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t3chn0vamp said:

There is no future for Blackberry !

JC713 JC713 said:

The 9720 is a step back from the 9700! How is that an "upgrade"?

psycros psycros said:

If it has better internals and roughly the same ergonomic capability then the 9270 is indeed an upgrade to the 9900. Yes, the 9990 was gorgeous and used top-notch materials but it was also a bit more fragile than its predecessor. Frankly I'm not too bothered by it not having OS 10. Who wants to fight a contrary, gesture-based UI? Sensible humans will go with buttons every time. Heck I'd prefer it didn't even have a touchscreen...soooo overrated, esp. on something with a trackpad. If there was anyone left at BB Inc with a brain they'd bring back the Bold form factor and retool OS 10 to take full advantage of it. That's their only hope of survival.

MrAnderson said:

The way the article was written seemed a tad BB hostile... not The Inquirer hostile, but a bit negative nonetheless. I'm a tech fanboy like mostly everyone who frequents this site... but here is my angle.

I know in the tech industry we all like our gadgets to have all the shinny new parts, but honestly I don't care if my device has dual core or quad core. I care about how slick the device looks and feels. I care about whether the software environment feels snappy/responsive, video and audio playback, the battery life, and wireless connectivity. Let's be honest, the up take in multicore has not really influenced the big mobile apps on mobile devices. Software written to truly use all the cores is on a slow burn.

It is great that technology is moving forward, and the big boys on top now are obligated to keep their crowns. In a market where most consumers hold on to a device for 24 months... whether I have a dual core or quad is not my concern. It's about the entire experience. My browsing, emailing and other communication, the feel of the system, the potential of the ecosystem, the battery life - oh! and the quality of data from input sensors. I'm not that upset about having a 720p screen. Rather, I would be upset if I was not able to capture full HD video on the camera supplied, or comparable to taking high res pictures that are comparable to the other phones at the price point. Who cares if it looks good on this device, if it looks crappy when I share it, or consume the data on another device.

BB is struggling, no need to keep kicking them. I'm sure they are still kicking themselves for sitting back on their laurels whistle others took away their top spot.

Guest said:

LOL what a terribly written article. Lots of inaccuracies and things that don't even make sense.

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