BlackBerry has released a small handful of new smartphones this year but thus far, nothing we've seen has really exhibited jaw-dropping performance. That could all change in the near future, however, as the Canadian handset maker is working on what sources describe as the most powerful, capable BlackBerry yet with a big focus on power and gaming.

Known as the BlackBerry A10, the phone will ship with a sizable 5-inch Super AMOLED display alongside a more refined fit and finish. Other specs include an unnamed dual-core processor and 2GB of system memory. The phone maker hasn't been able to shift to quad-core processors just yet due to concerns with battery life and / or difficulties optimizing BlackBerry 10 with such a chip, one source said.

The tipster also points out that BlackBerry will utilize the same type of silicon structure that the iPhone uses, meaning there will be separate CPU and GPU processors.

As for aesthetics, the handset is said to resemble Samsung's Galaxy S4 but is a little larger, more rounded and less aggressive looking than the Z10. Some expect the A10 to include an 8-megapixel camera but that hasn't been confirmed as of writing.

A handset fitting this description could do well as a mobile gaming device but that all hinges on whether or not BlackBerry is able to get big name developers on board to have plenty of hit titles ready at launch.

Speaking of, the BlackBerry A10 is expected to hit the scene in late fall just in time for the holiday buying season.