For the uninitiated, a "Hackintosh" is a computer that runs OS X on non-Apple hardware. Although the company has taken steps to prevent this, technically it’s been possible since the transition to Intel processors. There are a number of vibrant and active communities that focus on helping one another to configure, build, and troubleshoot Hackintosh systems.

Building a Hackintosh has definitely gotten easier over the years but there’s still plenty of tinkering involved, from shopping around for compatible hardware to dealing with DSDT and kext files, bootloaders and whatnot. In other words, it’s not for everybody. Earlier this year a company known as Quo launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund a motherboard designed to run "any operating system" out of the box. They don’t explicitly market it as a Hackintosh board, perhaps to avoid suffering the same fate of Psystar, but it’s clearly one of the board's key selling points.

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