Upcoming MMORPG by Ex-Blizzard devs, WildStar to begin beta soon

By on November 21, 2013, 6:45 PM
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Let's face the facts, WoW and GW2 are starting to get a little stale. Even with my admiration for the latter, I'm starting to getting frustrated with running dungeons over and over. The upcoming release of Elder Scrolls Online might ease some of the pain, but there is another title, a potential sleeper hit, that you may want to look into.

WildStar is an up-and-coming MMORPG project from Carbine Studios, a subsidiary of NCSOFT that was founded back in 2005 by former members of Blizzard Entertainment. WildStar will be the developer's first project, but consider that the team contains members that are probably very familiar with how MMO's operate.

The Sci-Fi themed title is aimed for a Spring 2014 release, so it's still a little ways off, but Carbine is giving eager/impatient gamers a chance to participate in a Winter Beta. With all of the hype surrounding this release it's a sure bet that the beta will fill up fast, so you'll want to be sure you get your application in as quickly as possible.

As of now, WildStar is set up to be a subscription-based title, much like WoW. However, with Guild Wars 2 having a successful non-subscription release, it will be interesting to see how gamers welcome another pay-as-you-play business model. Perhaps WildStar will change its pricing structure as it gets closer to launch, specifically with rival Elder Scrolls online gearing up to release sometime in 2014.

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3 people like this | ikesmasher said:

I dont know about the "hype", didn't hear about this game ever until this article.

Tekkaraiden Tekkaraiden said:

Haven't been in a Beta for a while, looks like it could be fun.

dennis777 dennis777 said:

So whats new in this MMORPG?

Guest said:

Winter beta has been going for like 2 weeks -_-

1 person liked this | Guest said:

Author should probably do some more research.

There is a way to play this game without a subscription.You can essentially earn the monthly subscription via a purchase made with in-game currency.

Guest said:

Yeah the payment plan is basically the same as EVE's, ie. you can play for free by buying a certain item, or buy it with real money and sell in game for in game currency.

1 person liked this | Guest said:

I love how the artistic design is so similar to WoW!

/sarcasm off

1 person liked this | MilwaukeeMike said:

Let's face the facts, WoW and GW2 are starting to get a little stale.

WoW, I get, it came out in 2004, but didn't GW2 come in out 2012?

If this is going to be a big game they should put some advertising into it. Sure it's fun when you're one of the only people to know about something cool, but that only works for indie music, not MMORPGs. If it doesn't get hyped up so people jump on early it'll be a Mediocre Multiplayer Online RPG instead.

1 person liked this | Critica1Hit said:

I agree with you guest, about the art design. It just looks a little better. However this may be good (for the Devs at least) because maybe people with lower spec'ed PCs will be able to play the game at a decent frame rate. That has been a pro with WoW for a while. People without high end PCs can still play the game. I'm just keeping tabs on this one for now.

MikeW MikeW said:

The game actually has alot of HYPE...google the name a bit. There are ads all over the place.

jester376 said:

The game actually has alot of HYPE...google the name a bit. There are ads all over the place.

I think the point being made is that it doesnt have any hype on any major websites. Sure its easy to place an ad on a website about this. However, do you how many people dont even look at the ads because theyre so annoying. This game needs articles (like news or blog), not ads, maybe some throw in ad when you open another game box, but just plain old web ads wont cut the cake.

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