Square Enix releases the original Tomb Raider on iOS

By on December 17, 2013, 1:30 PM
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Following the success of the recent Tomb Raider reboot, Square Enix has now released the original Tomb Raider game for iOS. The port, officially titled Tomb Raider I, is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and has been tweaked to better suit touch controls. It also comes with full Logitech PowerShell and MOGA Ace Power MFI game controller support.

After originally being introduced on MS-DOS, PlayStation and Sega Saturn in 1996, Lara Croft when on to star in a number of games leading all the way up to the latest Crystal Dynamics origin story. The original Tomb Raider game has also seen a couple of re-releases and ports since the mid-nineties debut, in 2003 the first mobile port of the game released for the Nokia N-Gage, followed by a North American PSN release in 2009 (2010 in Europe).

The game was both a critical and commercial success as well as being an extremely influential title in the game development world, having since paved the way for many of the major action adventure titles we still play today.

Here's a quick reminder of what Lara is getting up to in the game:

The lost city of Atlantis and ancient Egyptian pyramids are ripe for discovery: explore every hidden dark crevice and impossible heights; enter into strange, undiscovered lands and solve their deepest, darkest mysteries…unleash a hail of bullets from your trademark dual pistols...the wilderness awaits with a wide range of enemies from bears to wolves, intriguing Atlantean centaurs and the terrifying T-Rex.

Those looking for a little touch of nostalgia (or those who have never had a chance to give this classic a go) can pick up Tomb Raider I on the App Store right now for $0.99.

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VitalyT VitalyT said:

I'm sure it will make happy some people.

I was very happy to find iOS version of Pinball Fantasies that's even older, I think...

tomkaten tomkaten said:

The best Tomb Raider in history. Nostalgia speaking ? Hell yeah, but it was still a blast. Anniversary is the modern version of the original, and it rocks.

Ranger12 Ranger12 said:

I'd be very happy to see them release chronotrigger for ios.

davislane1 davislane1 said:

Nostalgic, indeed. Though, I have to wonder if that's entirely a good thing; the game plays just as clunky as I remember. :P

9Nails, TechSpot Paladin, said:

It's cool that they're able to produce this classic on a portable OS, but are any of you happy with this style of control? For me, my hands block portions of the screen and a lack of tactile feedback leaves me a bit clumsy at the controls.

davislane1 davislane1 said:

@9Nails the controls work fine for me. RH control was a bit tricky at first but became a non-issue once I got their locations memorized.

Guest said:

Thx for remember that awesome game...


Back when her breasts were portrayed as cones

davislane1 davislane1 said:

Back when her breasts were portrayed as cones

Unsurprisingly, this is something that can only be seen in retrospect.

ET3D, TechSpot Paladin, said:

I still have the N-Gage version. I probably won't buy the original again (if it ever makes it to Android), but I'll wait until Anniversary become viable on mobile.

Emexrulsier said:

I'm sure it will make happy some people.

I was very happy to find iOS version of Pinball Fantasies that's even older, I think...

Reminds me of my Amiga days!

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