With the arrival of Steam's Big Picture mode and Valve's SteamOS, the call for Mini-ITX boxes has exploded as many gamers look for a solution that is more flexible than consoles and more compact than desktops. Having taken notice, case makers including Silverstone are answering that demand.

The latest member to Silverstone's Raven family quickly gained recognition for being the ultimate Steam Machine enclosure. Called the Raven Z RVZ01, this gaming chassis is among the best compact designs we've seen for cramming a fully-fledged enthusiast PC into an impressively small space.

Despite weighing just 3.71kg with a tiny 14L capacity, the RVZ01 is destined for big things with support for enthusiast gear including a dual-slot GPU that's up to 330mm long -- technically leaving enough room for the GeForce GTX Titan. Perhaps equally attractive is the RVZ01's asking price of only $85.

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