InterVideo WinDVD 5 Platinum review




Basic video configuration is available in the Video tab of the Setup menu.

Hardware Acceleration can be used to enable support for Graphics cards which include MPEG decoding features, such as Motion Compensation or iDCT. Further video options are available in the various subpanels offered in the player, which have been discussed earlier. DivX playback support is also available, though personally I’ll stick with DivX Player instead given its better flexibility.

Picture quality was excellent for the most part, with no noticeable artifacting on a Monitor, appearing to offer at least improved sharpness over earlier versions, though the optimized viewing presets aided the image as well. Using some of the Video Effects however did introduce some noticeable artifacting.

Playback was stutter-free in all of the formats I tried playing: MPEG, DivX, DVD or VCD. Material I tested out included a baby VCD and MPEG files I had encoded before, Matrix Revolutions super punch clip DivX file, & X-Men 2, Equilibrium, Hulk, The Two Towers Extended Edition, Saving Private Ryan, Seven & Bad Boys DVDs.

Aspect Ratio features are decent, with the ability to output titles in Widescreen or Pan & Scan (which may prove useful should you wish to output a Widescreen feature onto a 4:3 TV), as well as Smart Stretch, which may offer a more interesting output mode for those displaying 16:9 content on 4:3 displays, or vice versa, by smartly stretching the edges of the image to the display. Zooming features are sufficient, with a simple magnifying glass icon used to select where you want to zoom, although it seems you can’t drag a rectangle to define your own area to zoom in.



WinDVD 5 Platinum features extensive audio options, with configuration options available in the Audio tab of the Setup menu.

24-Bit/96 KHz decoding seems limited to LPCM tracks.


The Audio Booster Pack provides added functionality and as with Video Effects, multiple audio effects can be active simultaneously.



Dynamic Range Compression mode can be set using the Environment option, while the volume level and delay time can be set per channel by moving the mouse over the channels displayed.

The Expansion tab allows you to enable 1 of 3 audio up-mixing features – InterVideo ICE & Dolby Pro Logic II Music or Movie Mode, or None at all. Various DSP/Equaliser effects are also available in the DSP & EQ tab, as are Karaoke options. SRS features are available as well for those using Headphones/2 Speakers, along with Dolby Virtual Speaker support.

DVD-Audio is also supported thanks to the DVD-Audio Pack, when used in conjunction with a supporting soundcard (Audigy 2 at the moment). As you may be aware, the Audigy 2 includes Creative’s own MediaSource DVD-Audio player for such playback already however this certainly makes a finer alternative to that.

Beyond this all major audio formats are supported (Dolby Digital, DTS, etc.), as well as Windows Media Audio & MP3 (Which you can always use the Expansion formats to up-mix for multi-channel output). All in all, WinDVD 5 Platinum is perhaps the most comprehensive software DVD decoder when it comes to Audio features.

Given the test material mentioned earlier, I used a wide variety of audio formats, MP3, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Surround EX, DTS, DTS-ES & Stereo, as with DVD video playback WinDVD handled audio decoding perfectly with no issues to report. Playback quality will of course be dependent on the audio hardware you’re using.


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