Final Thoughts, Release Date and Pricing

The Artemis Spectrum G633 is poised for a September release while the wireless G933 should arrive in October. The MSRP is set at $149 and $199, respectively. In the land of high-end headsets, the G933 in particular is aggressively priced. Its closest competition, the Astro A50 and SteelSeries H Wireless, both cost nearly $100 more at $300 each.

Although my limited hands-on time with the G633 and G933 were positive, I'm standing by for our G933 review unit before casting final judgement. There are glimmers of great potential here, but important items like microphone and noise-cancellation quality, wireless reliability, battery life, wireless range and performance, durability and the practicality of some of its features have yet been fully explored. If nothing else though, the G933 should prove to be one heck of an upgrade from its the predecessor, the G930.

Logitech seemed very interested in making the Artemis Spectrum an "every day" headset. For me, its difficult to imagine gamer-centric features like programmable RGB LEDs and the Artemis Spectrum's overall look having the same mass appeal as say, Beats.

Sure, the Artemis has far better technical merits (superior sound, features and even price) but I'm not entirely convinced your average person places much weight on those items to begin with.

Decisions like lack of Bluetooth, for example, will likely confine the Artemis Spectrum to the gaming world. That's not a bad place to be though; it's in this context the Artemis Spectrum seems most promising. Even so, I like that Logitech is taking risks here and that's not a bad thing.

At this point, I can definitely say the Artemis Spectrum is feature-packed, sounds terrific and is competitively priced in respect to its peers. Specifically, the G933 seems a serious contender for the ears and wallets of gamers who want both wireless freedom and good sound. With its closest competition hovering around $300, the G933 may even be a disruptor at just $200. We'll see what happens next month once the Artemis Spectrum lands.