Image Quality Samples

Before we jump into the benchmarking phase of this article, we will take a moment to show you some in-game screenshots (that BTW look amazing). Also please note that unlike some of our previous GPU performance articles there will be no image quality comparison as we are only testing Call of Duty 5 using the highest possible graphics settings.

Generally we like to test with three different quality presets but in the absence of this option in CoD 5 we just went on with what made the most sense to us. For example, adjusting the texture quality from low to extra provided a significant difference in visual quality but performance only changed by a few frames per second.

For those running low-end hardware that tends to struggle in this game the best way to gain additional performance is to either reduce the resolution or turn shadows off. Doing so will significantly reduce the image quality and make the game somewhat less exciting but at least you will be able to run the game.

When playing Call of Duty: World at War in all of its glory this is what you can expect to see...

The above two images are very similar because they are from the same scene, just from different angles. This is from the second mission of the game where you land on a beach under heavy fire from the enemy. The static screenshots look very impressive but only watching the game in action makes it complete justice.

Moving further inland there is still loads of action and of course tons of explosions. The detail and visual quality is breathtaking, and the player cannot help but be taken in by the level of realism. The outdoor environments include lots of grass, trees, and rocks, while the effects of the war are also evident on the landscapes.

Throughout each level the player will come across mounted guns that are far more effective at mowing down troops when compared to your more mobile weapons. In the beach landing level it is also possible to call in artillery support, which has been done above to eliminate an enemy tank.

Call of Duty: World at War depicts forests nicely and despite of the dense vegetation we found that the game still runs smoothly. The use of dynamic lighting is evident in the above screenshots giving a very cool and life-like feel to the game.

Fire effects are used a lot in this game, which is a given for a game that takes place in a war zone. Still, it’s the way that fire has been used that is impressive and a little scary at the same time. The flame thrower is a devastating weapon over short ranges a lot of fun to use.