Benchmarks: Overwatch, The Witcher, Rainbow Six Siege

Overwatch is another CPU intensive title that takes advantage of core heavy CPUs, at least as well as any DirectX 11 title does. When paired with the GTX 1060, all five CPU configurations provided similar results.

However, moving to the GTX 1070 mixes things up once again, though it's mostly the G4560 that's lagging behind. The G4560 finds its limits with the GTX 1070 and this can be seen when moving to the 1080, virtually no increase in frame rate is seen.

Meanwhile the 7700K is now 24% faster with the 1080 and that means it's 53% faster than the G4560. So yet again we see a clear and very large example of CPU bottlenecking.

The Witcher 3 was one of the first games to really make good use of quad-core CPUs but even so the Hyper Threading-enabled G4560 does great in this title. Overall, performance appears to be primarily GPU limited here and even with the GTX 1080 installed the 7700K isn't able to pull away from the Core i5 and Ryzen processors.

Moving on we have some Rainbow Six Siege results and here the 7700K is able to squeeze a little more out of the GTX 1060, though the 1% low figure is much the same. A similar situation is seen with the GTX 1070 and then finally with the GTX 1080 installed the 7700K is now significantly faster, at least when comparing the average frame rate.