More Benchmarks: Mass Effect, Prey, Resident Evil & Power Consumption

Ghost Recon Wildlands isn't the most optimized game to be released in 2017, that's for sure. Here the GTX 580 really struggled to provide playable performance using the lowest possible settings at 1080p and there were a number of graphical glitches as well.

Like Dirt 4, we see decent results when testing with Mass Effect Andromeda. Here the GTX 580 managed an average of 49fps at 1080p using the medium quality preset and a minimum or 1% low result of 44fps also meant that gameplay was quite smooth.

Performance in Prey wasn't bad either, though the texture quality was horrible as most didn't load, so there were lots of blurry looking surfaces. The minimum frame rate suffered a little because of this but overall gameplay wan't bad, despite looking awful.

The average in Resident Evil 7 was decent using the medium settings, though again, that limited frame buffer kills performance at times and we see dips down to 45fps which cause noticeable stuttering.

Finally, one test where the GeForce GTX 580 wins hands down: power consumption – impressive stuff. Unfortunately, for the old Fermi GPU, lower is better, so while pushing system consumption to 302 watts is impressive, it's impressively bad by today's standards. The GTX 1050 for example was often seen delivering over 30% more frames and here we see it did that while consuming over 50% less power.