100% CPU on various processes

By panama007
Aug 9, 2010
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  1. I occasionally get 100% CPU while playing an MMORPG (Maplestory), and only while playing that game, but when looking at Task Manager, the culprit is Explorer.exe. I tried killing it, and waited, now I got 100% on Task Manager, I killed that too and went to Process Explorer, that also maxed out my CPU. The CPU would max out for like 30 seconds at a time then go back down and then start up in 2 minutes, and so on, until I end Maplestory.

    I've run full scans with Symantec, and Malwarebytes, nothing found.

    can someone help?

    Running Vista with SP1 on my Dell Studio 1535, Intel Duo 2.5Ghz, 3Gb RAM.

    EDIT: I am experiencing the same CPU usage with other games.

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