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By iaveight
Dec 27, 2013
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  1. I have a Macbook pro quad core 16 gig ram, running windows 7 ultimate on bootcamp. All of a sudden when I booted into windows my CPU usage would spike and stay at 100 percent. The only way to solve this was to open task manager. I ran numerous scans and nothing seemed to solve the issue. I then went into control panel and went to performance issues and when I ran the check I found this in my startup folder
    crssc.exe and yrkpack. I have done a search on yrkpack and found nothing but on the crssc.exe I did find this. Most antivirus programs identify crssc.exe as malware, for instance Microsoft identifies it as Backdoor:Win32/Sdbot, and Symantec identifies it as W32.IRCBot.Gen. I have disabled them both and will wait to reboot. I have also found on the net that 100 percent cpu could be caused by a corrupt file in your user profile. If the first does not work I will delete and re create a new profile and see if that works........
  2. iaveight

    iaveight TS Rookie Topic Starter

    UPDATE - Fix worked I disabled the two files I found with the windows performance issue check in Control Panel

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