120mm or 2 80mm?

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Aug 11, 2005
  1. On the front of the X-Alien Aspire case, there are 2 fans behind the front case grill, and i see that it has holes in a pattern made for either 2 80s, 1 120, or some other combos.. but do you think i would get more air flowing through if i replaced the 2 80mm with a 120mm?
  2. 1000cc

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    if they fit YES 120mm are far better than 80mm if you want move lots of air medium speed Panaflow or Delta . also 120mm make far less noise at medium and high speed.
  3. CMH

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    12cm = 144cm^2 fan area
    8cm = 64cm^2 fan area
    2x8cm = 128cm^2 fan area

    From this, I'd conclude having a single 12cm fan better than 2 8cm fans :p

    Of course I'm joking about how I reach my conclusion, but a single 12cm fan is still better. You can easily get 80cfm off a 12cm fan, but 40cfm from an 8cm fan probably is pushing its limits.

    There are 120cfm 12cm fans out there too, but lemme warn you, a jet engine is probably the only thing louder than that.
  4. 1000cc

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    Get 2 Delta 3 BLADE 60 CFM they are not as loud as the other crapy high speed 80mm fans you need a speed controler to back them off just a little = And call me in the morning . Dont mix medicine. http://www.subzeropcs.com/delta_dph_80mm_x_38mm_high_speed_triple_blade_deep_impact_fan.html

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  5. nein

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    I suggest you get the most powerful 80mm fans you can buy, using them as I do by following this thread and you won't have to worry about noise, in addition to effective quiet cooling you'll also get automatic failure recovery.
  6. Haretto

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    I dont care about noise.. I have ear issues where i hear ringing in complete silense, so noise for me is good.

    But.. so having a 120mm is better then 2 80mm? My comp has 2 80s right now but i noticed i can fit a 120mm in there while i was cleaning them and had to ask.
  7. 1000cc

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    120mm move more air with less speed = with higher speed 120mm they well also still move more air = a classic sample were bigger is better. but Delta makes the best 80mm fans CFM wise, If your looking for the highest output 80mm a medium or high speed 3 blade Delta moves some serius air with less noise than the thin bodie 25mm of other brands. Those are 80mmX38mm not 25mm . make sure you get the right lengh screws to mount them! .http://www.subzeropcs.com/delta_fans.html
  8. Haretto

    Haretto TS Rookie Topic Starter

    These 80s right now snap into little green holders. Any one with an X-Alien that knows what i mean?

    Do they have little hook holders for 120s?
  9. nein

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    That's even better, I myself used an extra single-pole-double-throw switch when I needed 4 times more the normal air volume flow for the same setup.
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