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Oct 6, 2005
  1. I only have a few seconds because all i have now is my pda, and the battery dying. I am building- mobo in my sig, P4 soc 478, i just put everything together very carefully (read all i could) powered up and nothing happened, what a terrible feeling:( not even P Supply fan. a LED on the Motherboard is on and thst is it. where do i start troubleshooting? ill be back after I charge up. Im so depressed. all that money and time for nothing at all.
  2. DonNagual

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    Bah. We've all been there, no worries.

    Chances are it is a simple thing. Does your motherboard require TWO connections from your PSU? Mine does. The 24 pin, and then another one (can't remember exactly how many pins off hand, but 6 I think).

    Is the power switch on the back of the PSU turned on?
  3. DonNagual

    DonNagual TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,406

    Or another HIGH possibility would be that your PSU connector doesn't match your motherboard connector. I.e., your motherboard needs a 24 pin connection from your PSU, but you have stuffed the 20 pin connector in there.

    If this is the case, there are adapters available to fix you up.
  4. hatchmar

    hatchmar TS Rookie Topic Starter

    It has one 20 and a smal 4 pin power connector. i just double checked P/S is 20 pin also so thats ruled out. Hmm. The thinh that really bugs me it the Built in P/S fan is not coming on. but somehow the board must be getting some power because of the green LED that comes on.
    I dont know how long I can take typing on my teeny weeny keyboard ahhhh!
  5. meatologist

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    sounds like a dodgy power supply to me. what make / model PSU do you have ?
  6. hatchmar

    hatchmar TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ill have to look closer, but the PSU came with the case. EZ media G7, Im not home now.
  7. meatologist

    meatologist TS Rookie Posts: 134

    what happens when you hit the power ? anything ? any noises. ANYTHING AT ALL ?
  8. hatchmar

    hatchmar TS Rookie Topic Starter

    absolutely nothing. just 1 Green LED on the motherboard comes on, which indicates to me that there is at least some power getting to it. I would think at least the PSU fan would come on. but it does not
  9. pkroks

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    yeah, i reckon you got a dodgy power supply. I had one and the power light on my mobo was working fine, then try to switch on and nothing. Its like it was fryed or something. I would suggest either sending the case back to get replaced or just replace the PSU.

    oh and why you building a NEW socket 478? new sockets are 775... :confused:
  10. hatchmar

    hatchmar TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I am limited on $$ because this is part of an insurance claim, originally I was going to use my CPU from the computer that got fried to save money, but now after reading, I see the stupidness of that decision.
    Anyway, Since I have been buying each part as the checks from ins. slowly came, it has been more than the 30 day return time. so Im stuck with it.(PSU/case).
    One thing I am confused with is the placing of the "panel" plugs. What came with the case, and what the MB say they are suppused to be are completly different. The colors are different and the labels are different. Like the HDD Led is supposed to be green and black, but it is 2 black wires, but labled HD Led. there is one that is green and black, but it is labeled M/B. what is that? nothing in the MB manual says anything about this. the case has no instructions either. OK, G2G 4 now, I am in labor hall with my wife and they are readt to take her in now! W00T!!!
  11. DonNagual

    DonNagual TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,406


    If I am right, you're gonna love me.

    Double check your power switch connection to your motherboard. I'm talking about the wire that connects your case's power button to your motherboard.

    I think you may have connected it wrong.
  12. hatchmar

    hatchmar TS Rookie Topic Starter

    6Lb. 1oz 19 inches that was so cool, even though He is my 3rd, its just as amazing as the 1st. I bet the problem is with one of those wires from the case, There just isnt any of telling what goes where
  13. Merc14

    Merc14 TS Rookie Posts: 171

    My first is due in 6 weeks! A boy is what we were told. Congrats!

    Anyways, don't throw up your hands as most of us have been there. A couple answers and some questions:

    1. Your PSU is putting out power as you have a green LED lighted on the mobo. This doesn't mean it is good, just means that it is performing as it should at the moment. The fan on the PSU (power supply unit) and other things won't come on until the PC itself is switched on. The PSU is just providing its normal trickle of juice at the moment.

    2. Did you install standoffs when you mounted the mobo (motherboard)? These are the little 1/4" nut shaped things with a screw socket in the top whose function is to hold the mobo up off the metal of the case. They come in other forms too like a snap in or plastic etc. but all provide the same function. If you didn't then there is a short.

    3. The following is a small troubleshooting guide I wrote up that you can use to test everything :

    You are going to have to do a barebones setup and test each component. This will read a lot harder than it actually is. The initial procedure takes only around 10-15 minutes. The follow on troubleshooting may take a lot longer though. Also, please do not skip steps. Do everything in order and as listed or your troubleshooting will be flawed.

    Caution: Please remember that turning a PC off does not mean there is no power going through it. Modern systems maintain a trickle of power to keep the standby functions running. You either have to turn off the switch on the Power Supply Unit (PSU) itself or unplug the system from the wall. Unplugging is best. If you have a LED on the mobo that is lighted all the time. make sure it is out before proceeding. Also, be aware of static. Make sure you wear and ESD strap or discharge yourself on a steel part of the case before touching anything inside.

    First, unplug the PC from the wall and then open it up. Disconnect all the drives (floppy, CDROM, DVD etc.)from the motherboard (mobo) and also disconnect your Hard Drive(s) from the mobo. Do not leave the hard drives connected. The system will boot into BIOS just fine with no hard drive attached. Unplug the power from all those drives you disconnected from the mobo. Remember to disconnect the front panel firewire and/or USB ports.

    Next, remove all the RAM, except for one stick, from the mobo. Some mobos are very picky about where the RAM needs to be placed so make sure the one stick of RAM is in the correct slot as per your manual.

    Now you are stripped down to a barebones system. The PSU, the mobo itself, 1 stick of RAM, the CPU/HSF and video card. Reset your CMOS/BIOS while the system is stripped down, unplugged and open. You do this by removing the battery and then moving a jumper near the battery around. Usually there are a set of three pins with two covered by a jumper. You move the jumper from pins 1&2 to pins 2&3 and let it set for a few minutes then reset the jumper to pins 1&2 and replace the battery. CMOS and BIOS will be back at default settings after doing this.

    Now check that everything is seated correctly, both the 4 pin and 20 or 24 pin power is connected and secure and if so then plug the PC back into the wall and make sure that any LEDs that should be lighted on the mobo are lighted. If all is still well then turn it on. Hopefully she boots right back into BIOS.

    If you get back into BIOS you can start troubleshooting by turning the PC off and unplugging it and reconnecting peripherals one at a time. The idea here is to connect and reboot until something hangs your system up This presumably is the bad piece of gear.

    If you cant get into BIOS and have the same problem as before then you know it is either the PSU, the RAM, the CPU, the mobo itself or the video card. Change out each these until you get into BIOS. I would start at the PSU as it is usually the guilty party in a situation like this and is also easy to change in and out you are down to just 2 plugs now remember). Next up would be the video card and/or RAM and if still no luck then things get hard as you now have to consider either the CPU or the mobo.
  14. hatchmar

    hatchmar TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Sweet! as soon as We are finished here at the hospital with this baby, Ill go through all those steps with my other baby. I did install the Motherboard with standoffs behind it, I'm assuming they keep it from shorting stuff out on the case? there were little red plastic or fabric "washers", they go on the screw side, not standoff side correct? I do have a static wristband and I am in the habit of always unplugging everything before I do any work, so I'm ok there.
  15. Merc14

    Merc14 TS Rookie Posts: 171

    I just realized that I installed the same mobo in my wife's PC. It has a weird issue when starting up, sometimes I have to hit the reset button to get the video to boot up. I think there is a short on one of the standoffs. I'll be taking it apart next week regardless to do some upgrades and wire management.

    As far as the case wires go, what kind of case are you using. If you inspect the black blocks the case wires are plugged into that plug into the mobo, you'll see a small triangle imprinted by one wire. Usually that means that it is the hot wire and gets plugged onto the + pin as noted in your mobo manual. Carefully redo those connections, at least for the on/off switch, as they are very easy to screw up.

    Hope mama and baby are doing fine. In 6 weeks I'll be in theat room. Aiiieeee
  16. hatchmar

    hatchmar TS Rookie Topic Starter

    No worries, kids are awesome, lots of work but u dont mind it at all.
    I stopped home and flipped some of the panel connections and bamo! it fired right up. now its time for all of the real problems. like the lust of errors at post. I can probably fix most, but one says something about overclocking, which I am not doing. ill know more monday.
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