1TB WD external HD has power, isn't showing anywhere

By ace8707
Aug 12, 2011
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  1. So it was working the other day, I left my computer, came back, and it wasn't showing up. I restarted the computer and it was not showing up at all. It is definitely getting power, but it is not showing up in the remove hardware option in the bottom tray, it is not making the sound when it get plugged in, and it is not showing up in the disk management or whatever it's called.

    I've tried on different computer and am having the same issue. Earlier today I plugged it in and after 20 mins or so it showed up with notifications and everything and was able to open some folders but it started saying there were delayed write issues and wouldn't let me open anything else. After that nothing for a few more hours then I went to try it on a different computer and it showed up only in the remove hardware thing at the bottom. Not in the explorer nor in the disk management thing.

    It's still under warranty so I can replace it, but I have about 600 gb of pictures music and movies that I probably will have an extremely difficult time getting back without spending hundreds of dollars.So I don't want to switch it out unless I have to. Please help I'm spending a lot of time trying to fix this!! Any help would be much appreciated.
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    Get the new hard drive and install Windows on it. After you have applied all the Windows Updates, install the old drive as a second hard drive and see if you can access files from it that way. If you have to return the old drive for warranty replacement, see if you can borrow a drive for this data transfer. If the old drive isn't seen, there is nothing that can be done to save the data short of spending hundreds of dollars

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