2 Houses/2 Routers? What are my options?

By omnisource
Jan 8, 2010
  1. Ok so I moved into a house beside my parents'. The network I set up at my dad's is a Linksys Wireless Router and the pcs are connected via other linksys wireless usb adapters.

    In my house I am able to grab onto his wireless signal with just a usb adapter plugged into my pc. And my question is Should I just buy usb adapters for my pcs or is there a way to use another router over here to manage my connections (so i can hard wire this computer room for free instead of buying multiple usb adapters.)

    I searched and read that routers can be connected in series by linking them together but can they be ran in series by just using their wireless signal and keep the IP addresses different? And set the main router up for DHCP and turn my routers DHCP off?

    EDIT: Or can I hardwire my 2nd pc to the one connected to the internet and set it up for windows internet sharing? (Does windows even have internet connection share anymore?)
  2. dblkickflip720

    dblkickflip720 TS Rookie

    yea, i'm having the same dilemma, im trying to get wireless on my laptop and share it to a router through my laptop's lan port, and then connect 2 360's to that router. You definitely need to enable internet connection sharing on the main comp that u wanna share the connection. I'm just not sure how to assign the ip's of the router and 360's.
  3. jobeard

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    you are looking to BRIDGE one router to another

    isp--modem--WiFi.router#1 ....... WiFi.device#2
                     |                       |
                     |                       |
                  dad's systems      your systems
    DO NOT use ICS!
    That said, be sure that device#2 can be setup in bridge mode.

    Router#1 will control all IP address and ANY system will have Internet access w/o the
    need of any other running.

    By having all systems on the same subnet, Print/File Sharing will also be possible
  4. Tarkus

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    I'd bridge two routers, run hardwired between them. 90 meters (295 ft.) is the maximum length for the cable. Here's a few ways to do it.
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