21 Years of Hitman: How Stealth Action Got Perfected Over the Last 2 Decades


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This series has somehow how endured a lean period but still thrive. The years between Blood Money and new Hitman was pretty lean, bad movies, game that broke tradition, a general lack of games, episodic nonsense. In a lot of ways, Absolution was a bad Hitman game, but the direction of that game would had been no problem for a James Bond game.

IOI is a solid dev of this genre, and the meddling from Square Enix really did them no favours. I think we are lucky to have them still around, but is still a cautionary tale on how bigger devs taking over smaller studios is often a bad thing for the gaming industry. I just feel that there is not enough angst over this, especially with the recent MS acquisition of Bethesda. No matter the polish of big budget games, fundamentally the gameplay matters.


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I had the first game, but I struggled with it TBH; subsequent tries of demos did little to entice me back until 2016 - I was suitably impressed by the 'reboot'. I bought H2, but I've not yet forked out for H3, though I did discover Absolution back in Lockdown2 (thanks GoG) and I found it to be quite entertaining.


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It's always been my 2nd favorite series - when I'm getting bored with whatever I'm playing, I come back to Hitman. Read the novels too and those are pretty forgettable, but not particularly bad.
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I was sickened by the use of American English slang in the Hitman reboot... I mean I am the type of guy who hated when two Russians (though only in character role) meet and one asks to speak in English to the fellow comrade...cough...cough...Red Heat...cough... which totally destroyed the immersion and flow. Likewise in the reboot, when you go to Morocco or Bangkok, everyome speaks in perfect American slang, which is revolting.

My favourite remains the first one and second one.

I like the first one the best, since you don't have a suspicion meter, and once you have disguised, the enemies become clueless. :laughing:

But seriously that game had multiple ways of accomplishing something, which was glaringly missing in some of the newer games.