213.163.89.X Malware

By Kiteto
Jun 21, 2010
  1. Recently I have encountered Malware originating from Belgium.

    From a fresh boot of my Windows XP machine I get a delay on my Windows Firewall starting with a warning message. Once I start IE a short time later AVG catches a Trojan virus trying to load as svchost.exe.
    After repeated cleaning and scanning with AVG and Malwarebytes the problem persists.

    Running CPorts on the machine showed me a message being sent to one of the following: (i106.panamamails.com) and
    Shortly after one of these messages were sent I would receive another notification of virus activity from AVG on the computer.

    I added the following two entries into my computer at the MSDOS prompt:

    C:\>route add mask -p
    C:\>route add mask -p
    Note: is an unused IP address on my subnet.

    This stopped the trojan virus activity by directing its send messages to a black hole. I sent an email to 's ISP, abuse@netdirekt.de.

    This will suspend the virus activity while you continue to clean your machine.
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  3. Kiteto

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    Unable to search for windowsupdate

    I found a second computer in my network was the origin of my virus problem.
    I added another blackhole route to my network for the 213.162.89.X malware:
    - route add mask -p

    One problem I did encounter that I see many posts on the internet is the inablility to download Microsoft Updates.

    One of the errors is 80072EFF when downloading updates.

    When you enter 'microsoftupdate' in your internet search or try to navigate to any page which contains the letters 'microsoftupdate' in the url you end up with a Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage screen.
    If you search for 'microsoftupdat' without the e your browser will return with sites.

    I downloaded Microsoft's malicious software removal tool and ran it.
    It discovered win32/alureon.h virus, but could not remove it.
    I downloaded tdsskiller and the problem was fixed.

    My IE now can visit the windows update pages.
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    Let me know, if you need any further assistance and thank you for posting back :)
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