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By swilllx2p
Oct 31, 2008
  1. I have a 22" widescreen LG LCD monitor, Every so often it will have colored lines running through the screen sometimes parts of the lines are faded out and other parts are very colored and visable. Now i know this is more than likely a bad monitor, but what is intrigues me and makes me want to open it up and mess with it is this. If smack the monitor in a certain spot..the spot is always the same it will make all the colored lines come up very visable...it takes out the dimmed down ones. Now if i power cycle the monitor after i get all the lines very visable when it comes back on it works fine for hours even days and then does it again..where some of the lines will be faded..power cylce..no change...smack it and make all the lines very visable power cycle and bam! works good! I'm just curious if somethings loose or its possibly something very simple to fix..which is why i'm tempted to open the thing..and no i do not have a warranty or anything on it so its not like i'm going to bother getting it fixed or taking it back. It's a very interesting thing imo...i'm curious of you guys thoughts on it.
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    Wow, no one has any thoughts? :dead:
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    Anyone have any ideas of what might specifically be the cause of the lines?
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