25 Great Games You Can Play on Laptops and Budget PCs


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Tried Witcher 1 and it's pretty shite combat wise.
It is not, the first one has the easiest combat system in the series. You just click the mouse when the symbol appears and performing combos. There are also different styles for different types of enemies and monsters also depending on if you face them alone. The later games just revolved about dodge spam.


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While I was glad to see "Diablo II" on the list, the original "Diablo" (which needs some patching to work on a modern PC) is playable on newer PCs using a FREE web-based version of the game (diablo.rivsoft.net). It uses so little resources, it too qualifies as a "runs on a potato" RPG. And still one of the most addictive "all you need is a mouse" games ever made.

If you own the original CD, you can play the full game. Without the CD, you can only play the original 2-Level Demo. Fortunately, I own the original CD.

Chrome recommended as I've found the game a bit flakey on Firefox.


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If you like stunt racing, then don't miss the TrackMania Nations series (e.g. Trackmania Nations Ultimate). It's totally FREE as well. Costs nothing and yet it's one of the best games ever.


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If you buy a 1060, 1070 or 1080 equipped laptop right now, you'll be spending less than $1000 and you can play virtually any game on the market (even the 1060).

If you buy a 2060 equipped laptop right now which is around $1000 and up, you can play absolutely anything on the market.

Games are very forgiving of specs nowadays.

If you add an Xbox One controller, you get a BETTER experience in gaming than you would with either Xbox One X or PS4.
Yeah, we gotta thank the consoles for that. In the next two years, minimum requirements will see an uptick, and GTX 970 will no longer be the most popular recommended GPU.


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Terraria, Football Manager series, Witcher 1, Postal 2 also.
My PC is over 10 years old and I can still play Witcher 3 on medium graphics settings. FPS does drop in the larger cities but it's not unbearable at all. Witcher 1 is a good one, but after playing Witcher 2 and then Witcher 3, going back to it is a shock in regards to the controls and fighting system. Still, all the three Witcher games are awesome. Witcher 3 I would dare say is the GOAT of RPGs for me. I finished the main story line (after 150+ hours), as well as Hearts of Stone. I'm currently doing Blood & Wine. Love the country there. Gorgeous and bright and colorful. And it's an entire adventure separate from the main line but just about as huge almost. That's been keeping me busy during our "lock down".

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I have an OLD (>8 year) craptop with an AMD A8-3850M (Llano) APU. It's essentially a Phenom II X4 with an integrated Radeon GPU (HD 6620G) and I actually managed to get Skyrim to run at 720p with medium settings and it was actually good. A little stuttering in REALLY busy areas but overall, quite enjoyable. I didn't play it for long (I played it on my main PC) but it was a cool little experiment.

If it played decently on that, it would play decently with those settings on ANY modern craptop. :D