2gb to 4gb in windows vista x64

By PriestHXC
Dec 14, 2007
  1. i know this subject it drawn to death but all the solutions i have come by doesnt seem to work for me. here is my specs first off...

    athlon 64x2 4200+
    4gb of pny optima ddr3200 400
    2 sli'ed 8500gt 512mb vid cards
    250 gb sata hd
    vista home premium 64 bit edition
    asus a8n deluxe sli

    Now my problem is I am trying to get 4gb of ram to get read by windows. Now i know 64 bit can read 4 gigs so i know thats not the problem. My mobo can support up to 4 gigs and it is read in the bios as 4 gigs. I enabled sw and hw remapping and my comp restarts before it can get to the windows loading screen. i disable hw remapping and enable sw remapping and i get to vista but only 3 gigs are read. Any suggestions?
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