30g Partition Vanished !!! :O

By james_k1988
Sep 30, 2005
  1. i recently got a new comptuer and along with the parts i got a 160g western digital hdd (IDE) . I wos origionaly putting xo64bit on teh system. When i went 2 partition the drive during the windows setup it said i would get about 154000g or sumfin. i wosnt much bothered over 6g so i went for it an install xp64bit. I then came 2 realise that this xp64bit wosnt my thing. cause nuthin would work lol especailly games. wos gettin alota probs, an couldnt be arsed fixin it all basically lol so went back to Format it again to put xp pro on. But this time when i deleted the partition with xp64 on it an made a enw one. only gave me 130g :dead: an i dont kno how to get the rest back, any ideas?
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    umm all icoudl get off that site wos diagnostics, an hte tolls wouldnt let me make a partition on a drive that was beinfg used. Does this mean ill hav to go through dos promt with FDISK ? or is ther anotehr sneaky, off the blockl way of doin it :haha:
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