320gb hard drive only showing 120gb

By metzy85
Oct 1, 2008
  1. i just ordered a 320 gb hard drive from newegg. its a sata drive. I work on computers for the local ballet company and the computer i am putting this in is a hp pavilion a1540n and for some reason the last guy who worked on the computer pulled the sata 1 connector out so i have the drive plugged in on the sata 2 port and its showing up in the windows install as only 130gb. only and in the hp bios it shows as the correct 320gb. What am i doing all wrong??
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  3. metzy85

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    it does not show up as unalocated in computer managment but i think my xp cd is with out sp1 or sp2 idk for def not sp2 so i am gonna check that i think that is the problem at hand
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