Overclocking 3570k @ 4.8 GHz with CPU temp of 70c

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I'm in the process of building a new computer to replace my aging Q6600 setup, and I decided to go with Asrock's new "OC Formula" Motherboard. This motherboard comes with some inbuilt profiles for overclocking, and I decided that 4.8 GHz sounded like an awesome number so I clicked on the profile, rebooted and from what I can tell it's working like a lovely dream.

What I want to know is, what sort of temps should I be getting? Because right now I am sitting on 72 degrees C after 30 minutes of Prime95 and from everything I've read the temps should be a lot higher.

according to the bundled AsRock software (OC Formula Drive)
VCORE = 1.343 V
BCLK/PCIE Freq = 100 MHz
CPU Ratio = x 48.0
GT Frequency = 350 MHz

Using Corsair's H100 Cooler with stock fans and thermal paste, and an i5 3570K.

Thanks in advance for any handy responses.

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Just as an update, CPU Temperature is now sitting on 65C after 1 hour of Prime95, although it can sometimes shoot up to 69 or 70C and stay there for a while.

Am I just reading this wrong somehow?


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I have basically the same system and although the H100 is a great cooler, an overclock that high has to be running a lot hotter than that. On my system (Asus P8Z77-V) the motherboard sensor under the CPU socket typically reads 20c lower than the digital sensors built into the CPU. I think the sensors built into the CPU are more accurate and reflect each core's temp on the fly, and the core max temp is the one you should go by. At 4.8 GHz, your core temps have to be close to 100c, which will degrade the chip eventually in a full time OC. Try HWiNFO64 to read all your sensors accurately, it's the best program I've found for reading all your system info accurately and it's up-to-date for the latest chipsets and procs.


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I would also recommend using a different program to measure the temperatures, Realtemp or Open HWMonitor are two other alternatives. Ivy Bridge gets really really hot at 1.343V and 4.8Ghz.