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3D Dominoes. Please help

By Furious
Feb 10, 2007
  1. Dear all

    Hi, this is the first time I havn't been able to find a solution on the boards and have been forced to post. I hope you can help before I am forced to drop kick my PC through the window.

    I bought the PC about 6 months ago. None of the internal components have changed (I have a GeForce 7300GS, 2.2 Mhz processor, 1GB Ram and running Windows XP as an OS).

    I've been happily gaming away for 6 months with no problems, but all of a sudden some of my games have started crashing, and I'm fairly sure it's a 3D problem.
    What happens is that, when I start a game up I get all of the company logos and the pre-game movie, but once they are finished the games hang and the PC will crash.
    I checked in the NVidia card's 3D management screen (you know the one where you can choose between Performance and quality). No matter which option I take , the blue sky behind the spinning NVidia logo contains flashing and shifting blocks that look like a line of standing dominoes. I also see these moving blocks if i run any movies files in media or real players.
    One final symptom: occasionally flat, dashed lines appear across the screen in Firefox, they often disappear when I scroll away from them. I'm sure this is linked.

    I've tried booting in safe mode and uninstalling the NVidia drivers and then re-installing then, but the problem's still there. I've also been monitoring the temp of the card and it's fine.

    Please help if you can I'm getting really frustrated.

  2. Ididmyc600

    Ididmyc600 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,415

    Hi Furious and welcome to the TS Forum :wave:

    Sounds like a card problem, I know you say you have reinstalled the drivers and the temp is OK, have you tried updating the drivers and reinstalling Direct X, I would also see about checking the card in another machine, or if you have a spare HD throw a copy of the OS on that and see if the problem occurs.

  3. Furious

    Furious TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for the reply

    You're probably right about the card being at fault.

    I've reinstalled the drivers and Direct X in all kinds of combinations now. I fired up the PC after uninstalling all NVidia material and I could watch media files again, but as soon as I reinstalled the NVidia drivers (from the original CD - I know they worked as I was playing games for about 6 months hassle free), and the weird domino things returned again.

    Looks like I'll have to buy another card.

    thanks again
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