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3d games (Flyff 12Sky, all aeria games) and many more won't work

By Logan1574 ยท 4 replies
May 23, 2008
  1. *didn't wanna list all the games I've tried and can't play*
    Alright so heres the deal I got a laptop used/refurbished what ever and I used to be able to play 3-d games fine until about a year back (yeah I know awhile back) so I just used a different computer to play games but that computers harddrive crashed and it's driver is bad and was wondering if someone could help me fix it (gimme location of good driver for my computer and what not ) Heres the specs *straight from DxDiag*:
    Operating system : Microsoft Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600)
    System model : Precision M60
    Processor Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 1.70GHz
    DirectX Version: DirectX9.0x(4.09.0000.0904)
    Name: NVIDIA Quadro FX Go700
    main Driver: nv4_disp.dll
    Version: 6.14.0010.7811 (English)

    I only put in what I think whoever wants to help would need to do so. Please tell me if you need more information

    Thanks, Logan.
  2. mopar man

    mopar man TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 1,286

    It is a very bad idea to post your email address on a public forum as their is a 99% chance you will start getting spam from spambots. Why not just check back here?

    What does it do when you try to play games?
  3. drawz

    drawz TS Rookie Posts: 31

    hmm i'm having a hard time understanding all this but i think i got it You have 2 pc's u cant play games on? Well anyway have you tried getting updated drivers for your motherboard and video card? you can find drivers for your video card at

    http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us (this is the page to look up drivers if this one didn't help try using the auto search function or getting one of the performance drivers under "download type")

    u an always put in the specs on google or yahoo and get drivers for things... looking at your system specs on dell.com it looks like u should have no trouble playing flyff... try this... here's the page that has all the stock drivers for your laptop maybe you formated your harddrive or some of your drivers got messed up try replacing main drivers like your chipset, bios, and video even audio maybe.


    as for your other pc with the messed up harddrive pls explain more and i'll try to help with that one.
  4. Logan1574

    Logan1574 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for the replys heres a little mor information when I try to play 3d games my screen lags horrible it's not server lag either it just looks like I'm running on one foot and the chat lags and just about everything lags. My other computer was my gaming computer until the harddrive crashed and I believe it might've crashed the video card with it because video doesn't work on it either. And yes I have tried updating my driver and I did it through NVIDIA and it said there were no drivers found. I'll try the link you gave me and see what happens.

    Thanks , Logan
  5. drawz

    drawz TS Rookie Posts: 31

    Have you tried to reset your bio's? I had a harddrive i thought i fried but i just reset my bio's and reformated the HDD and it works fine now. If any of this helps pls try to post back and let me know. Aslo have u cleaned up your pc lately? It's hard to explain in a short post but I'll give u the link to a site with a free 30 day trail of thier software that might help you with your lag issue. It has a "startup manager" u go in and turn off all the app's U don't need to run the game and restart your pc and it keeps them from starting up at the startup of your pc, saves alot of memory. It also has reg cleaners and windows clean up.

    http://www.tune-up.com/products/tuneup-utilities/ at the bottom of the page theres the free trial.
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