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3D Mark & software T&L

By TS | Thomas
Jun 12, 2002
  1. After a long talk with MadOnion staff members and a number of other people I have decided to post how we got this working. First I want to clear up three facts. First we did not write the software, second this program works on all cards and not just Kyro cards and third Pixel Shaders are not emulated but instead the program ticks software into thinking Pixel Shaders are working then this program turns Pixel Shaders off. This can course parts of the screen to look wrong but if it’s a choice of not being able to play the game or play the game with Pixel shaders missing then I chose play the game.

    As for 3Dmark 2001 only around 2% of the Nature test makes use of Pixel Shaders. So you can now see most of the Nature test scores will be unfair as clearly the cards that don’t run Pixel Shaders are going to have a speed advantage over cards that render the screen correctly. But that’s not the real reason I did not mention the programs name in my last post. Another part of the program lets you turn wireframe mode on and textures off. Now on Kyro cards this will lower performance due to HSR no longer working. But on other cards turning Wireframe mode on with textures off can triple your 3DMark 2001 score which is cheating how ever you look at it.

    MadOnion have added in filters to there database so any scores with this program are deleted and because this program is so useful I have decide to post its name. It’s called 3D-Analyze and the newest version is v1.4 beta and the long term plans are to get Pixel Shaders emulated fully. My reason for posting this are that there are games out there that need hardware T&L to start up and this program lets millions of people play those Hardware T&L games without hardware T&L. Spiderman the game is a prime example as it will not start without hardware T&L even though software T&L looks the same. To me being able to play games by using this program is more important then someone being able to boost there score in 3DMark.

    Wow, I think that’s my longest news post that made any sense. Anyway you can grab the program http://www.tommti-systems.de/start.html.

    Note, Please don’t mention this program on the MadOnion forums as the staff members do no like it and will ban anyone posting about it.

    The above was taken from http://paraknowya.com
  2. TS | Thomas

    TS | Thomas TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 1,319

    One of the interesting comments to the story was this;

    "Some of those guys are nuts. One of the Madonion guys was talking on the Beyond3d forum recently. He was saying he will not only be trying to stop 3dmark from working with this app but he will also be talking to game developers and suggesting that they make their games so this app won't work with them.

    Obviously that makes no sense to any normal person. A game is a game, you can't cheat in a game. If someone wants to play a new game on their older card with say cube maps or HW T&L being faked then why shouldn't they?"
  3. JAV

    JAV TS Rookie Posts: 210


    Who/what is Mad Onion anyway but a business that collects our info & then sells their services (based on our info) to others. :dead:

    I don't use them, have thought their programs are 'manipulated' & recent posts prove the failings & inconsistences of their software. They are a developers company & the developer that pays the most > will get the most. NOT consumer oriented at all, IMO. ;)

    I use 'Fresh Devices' & have referred all I can to their simple, free, concise, small & very informative program: "Fresh Diagnose". :grinthumb

    Thanks for this info to help gamers & let all of us know how MO really feels! :cool:
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