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Sep 5, 2013
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    CCC (Catalyst Control Centre) is the software for AMD graphics cards, you can download the latest version here. You have a version of it installed on your system already, double click on the icon on the bottom right of your Windows taskbar to open it up. It should be pretty obvious how to extend onto another monitor or duplicate monitors or a quick google will tell you how.

    None of this has anything to do with Eyefinity (which is one big desktop over several monitors) so don't try to create an Eyefinity group. You just need to extend and duplicate monitors.
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    I know about CCC but was just wondering if you were referring to the eyefinity. I got the HDMI sound into my receiver finally but at the expense of it being considered a monitor.
    If I duplicate one of my monitors with my pj would that give me another option to add the receiver I wonder? I have been trying different configs and have everything working but then I don't get sound out of my ceiling speakers through the receiver.
    Or does duplicating only duplicate and still does not free up a port?? I am still trying.
    Using a pj with DVI is sure a big pain. I may just buy another one with HDMI and split the signal to it and a monitor and then that would solve my problem of being able to run one into the receiver. The toslink should solve the problem of sound also.

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