4 short beeps, 2 long

By Kjm301
Jan 3, 2014
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  1. I have an msi motherboard (which I think uses AMI BIOS code) and I accidently changed a setting on the BIOS menu and then it restarted and gave me 4 short beeps along with a message that flashed kinda fast saying something along the lines of, "please insert usb flash disk with bios file. "CHECKING FOR USB DEVICE" DEVICE NOT Found."

    Afterwards I removed anything in the USB slots and tried but still got the same message. I then read that some people solved the issue by removing the power cord and waiting 5 before removing the CMOS . I waited 15 minutes to insure that the extra charge dissipated then removed it.

    I waiting for about 5 minutes before reinstalling it and now I got 4 short beeps, a pause, and then 2 long beeps. I also have no image on the monitor. I tried looking into the beeps but I couldn't find a description of this code. I could find info for 4 short and info for 2 long but I'm not sure what this means either. I am not over clocking either.

    It WAS running windows 8.1
    Motherboard: 760gm E51- fx
    GPU: MSI Radeon HD7870
    CPU: AMD FX6100
    A single 1TB Western Digital black HDD

    Any help would be much appreciated to solving this.
  2. Benmar

    Benmar TS Enthusiast Posts: 32

    Try to used your onboard video card.. pull out your external video card...

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