4 speaker support in Windows XP and pci64

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Feb 26, 2002
  1. I would like to know how to turn on 4 speaker support in Windows XP. I have a PCI64 sound card by Creative with rear speaker support via the line in jack. I can not switch it from line in to rear out without creative software and creative do not appear to have such a utility for Windows XP. Direct x 8.1 finds and uses teh card but does not allow the rears to work.

  2. Federelli

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    in this case, i'd email creative asking for the release of a enw set of drivers, though they might tell u they have discontinued work on this card... imo creative suck's making drivers
  3. michaeljj

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    Creative state no support for SB64PCI in Windows XP

    Creative have stated that there is no support for 4 speakers in XP. The referance drivers will only ever support 2. I have just reformated and reinstalled Windows 98. Ahhhh EAX and surround sound is back :).
  4. boeingfixer

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    Re: Creative state no support for SB64PCI in Windows XP

    Have you ever run Unreal Tourn. ? I had the same soundcard and had nothing but problems, I could never get it to run. i ended up getting a Philips Acousitc edge and it solved all my problems.
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    Wait a minute. I have a four speaker setup on my XP Pro computer. The way I enabled it was by installed Playcenter and all that other stuff and going to the AudioHQ and changing it from 2 speakers to 4 speakers.

    Also, in XP you have to go to Control Panel-->Sounds, Speech, and Audio Devices-->Change Speaker Settings-->Advanced under speaker settings and you can change the type of speaker you have to quadraphonic which is the closest to 4 speaker and all should work. Mine did anyways.

    Granted I do have a Audigy, but maybe this works with your sound card too. Or maybe I'm just confused, who knows?

    Hope this helps!!! :)
  6. Th3M1ghtyD8

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    In windowsXP there is an option in control panel - I can not remember where exactly, but I discovered it after I installed XP, it used it's own drivers for my SB5:1Live and there was a speaker setup option in control panel.

    Failing that have u tried any 2K Drivers for your card?
  7. Mudshark

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    Re: Re: Creative state no support for SB64PCI in Windows XP

    Okay, Boeingfixer... where do I get the latest XP drivers for my
    Acoustic Edge? I've looked all over with no luck... HELP!!
  8. SuperCheetah

    SuperCheetah TS Rookie Posts: 709

  9. Mudshark

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    thanks I found it a few minutes after the post - the search facility is great! :)
    Feel like a right ***** - I 'm always telling everyone to use it.....
    Thanks again
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