46 million people have left Firefox since 2018


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It's a real shame, as the area needs at least some competition. With Trident and Presto now gone though, Gecko is the only competition to WebKit (or, baring Safari, Chromium).

But Firefox is now a resource hog like the others. Their insistance to bring social issues into their product (see 'master keys') doesn't help either. You're a web technologies company, not a social justice one.
Go woke, go broke.

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I can see why they've lost users with their continual retirement of features that are only popular with a minority of their userbase. Cut features used by 2% of the user base too often, and before long 40% of your users have had a favorite feature cut.

Most recently, I've been disappointed by their new tab design on desktop. I mainly use Vivaldi, so it isn't too much of a bummer - but Firefox is my second-most-used browser.

I love Firefox on iOS though. The tracking blocking works really well; my Safari-tracking friends complain about tracking and ads on mobile, but using Firefox, I have few complaints.
I just switched to Firefox few months ago for one feature ctr+tab which gets me the last opened tab, instead of the stupid chrome recycling all tabs by the same shortcut. Except this, I can't find any performance issues at all!


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Get woke go broke...and its definitely slower than it used to be. I switched to Edge Chrome and haven't looked back. I might as well keep all my telemetry/data collection in one box.

I was fine with Mozilla and enjoyed Firefox but like all things they got political and I got annoyed. I use a web browser to browse the web, not so the company cana preach their politics to me regardless of what they are.


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I was using Firefox since its inception but when they said I had to have the tabs on top and they did away with all of my addons I got fed up with it and quit using it. They should never have started dictating what you can and can not do!!


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I have used FF from the beginning, but I am not quite as happy as I used to be. Why? 'cause the add ons which were super duper have been pushed out by all of the updates. Many good add ons can not be used after up dating. Angers me.....

but I hate more MicroSplop's edge and I don't like to use data gathering Chrome. Brave and Opera are good alternate choices.


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It's because Google is so aggressive, making pressure to enter everywhere, like a parasite. Which is understandable, since spying is their main business, and web browser is one of the main spying apps.

Despite all of their efforts, Chrome still don't know how to handle Bookmarks. Partially because they don't want people to use bookmarks. They want people to click on links that Google offer them at that particular moment. Links that are relevant to Google, not the user. So, if the user finds a great site, which Google don't like anymore, they can simply offer the user another site. Which conforms to current Google's agenda.

On the other hand, Mozilla has problems with finances and developers. They take a very long time to implement even the simplest improvement. But still, Firefox is a less parasitic web browser than Chrome. That's its best feature.

It's like having a very productive co-worker, who is secretly undermining you (Chrome), or having a less productive co-worker, who is loyal to you (Firefox). Of course that productivity means nothing, if he's a backstabber (Chrome). Also, if you use bookmarks, then forget Chrome.