5.1 soundcard w/ Digital input

I recently bought speaker system from the picture, called Audionic Pace 6.

http://imgur.com/smpBuoW (backside of the system)

I wanted to use it with my Creative SB0880 5.1 sound card


But I really don't know how to make the two work together. The yellow pins go into the detached speakers and the red/white ones are for my sound card. I tried using the 3.5mm RCA Audio Cable, but it only works 2 pins-to-1(if you even understand what that means).

So if I use this cable, 1 slot on the sound card uses up two slots on the speaker system(eg. FL and FR) - Which I don't believe is ideal..


Should I buy a new soundcard with similar inputs as being seen on the speakers? or something else.

Help would be appreciated.


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Hi there.

From the looks of the rear connections on your speakers, it has 6-channel (5.1) analog input. So now we can rule out digital connection to / from your soundcard.

Next, what you need are indeed 3 identical cables that you have mentioned. In total you'll have to run 3 separate wires (each carrying 2 channel analog sound) from your soundcard to your speakers.

It is indeed the only and correct way of connecting them. Your soundcard is a good card, there should be no reason to replace it. Your speaker only support analog inputs, so you'll have to deal with the wires.

Don't forget to set your soundcard to 5.1 (in the control panel or X-Fi software) after you connect them. If you're new to 5.1, you may also wonder why your music only came through the front speakers. That's because almost all music files came in 2-channel (stereo) format. so you'll have to "upmix" it in order to hear it from all 5 speakers.