5.25 inch floppy drive in a Windows XP computer? Is it possible?

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Sep 26, 2009
  1. So we're trying to put a 5.25 inch floppy drive, the really old kind, in a windows XP computer.
    It's a normal computer from around 2001 I'd say, and it has all your standard connectors for such a computer.

    The problem is: Where the heck do I get a 5.25 inch floppy drive these days, how do I connect it to the computer(they all have weird card-edge connectors... how do I get that to go into an IDE cable?), and will it work with windows XP?

    These things were obsolete when I was in 1st grade, so I really don't remember much about them, or how they're supposed to hook up, etc. And I certainly have never seen one work with XP... but I assume it should be possible no?
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    Are you talking about the 1.2HD or 720KB FDD drive was 5.25 and 3.25 size. You can buy USB versions today and don't bother installing it into the drive-bay. Or you can get the one from SIIG which does install into the drivebay like a 9-in-1 device.

    You can this off ebay or online.
    Cheapest $43 buck


    FEATURES- USB 2.0 9-in-1 R/W + FDD- Black bezel
    Adds front accessible Hi-speed USB 2.0 9-in-1 card reader/writer and
    a floppy disk drive for easy storage media access. RoHS compliant.
    Includes USB 2.0 9-in-1 R/W + FDD, 5.25" black mounting rack, 4-pin to
    type A USB cable, Driver CD, Bag assorted mounting screws and Quick
    Installation Guide.
    * All-in-one drive bay design provides easy access to 9-in-1 memory card
    reader/writer and a floppy drive.
    * Installs in any available 3.5- or 5.25-inch drive bay (5.25-inch mounting
    rack included).
    * Supports CF (Type I/II), Microdrive, SM, SD, MMC, Memory Stick, Memory
    Stick Magic Gate and Memory Stick Pro memory cards.
    * Perfect for use with digital cameras, PDAs, MP3 players, handheld
    computers and more!
    * Dual color Activity/Access LED: RED for flash memory card and GREEN for
    floppy drive interface.
    * Floppy disk drive follows 34-pin standard interface for FDD and supports
    1.44 MB and 2 MB floppy disks.
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  4. tipstir

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    Well the above can do that and more in post #2. Those old 5.25 drives could be found on ebay if you really want one.
  5. pyromaster114

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    Does that item you linked to read the large 5.25 inch floppies? (The 1.2MB kind that were actually flexible and very large and thin? It says it only supports 1.44 MB and 2MB in the specs...)
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