5 threats that affected my computer

By djam ยท 5 replies
Oct 18, 2008
  1. Hi, could you please help in finding the removal tolls for the following:

    Rootkit-Hidden Items

    There were detect by my Antivirus BitDefender 2009

    Thanks in adavance, Djam
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    you have some serious issues and 1 of them is a rootkit- extremely difficult to remove. Your best best is to reformat and reinstall your OS or be prepared to spend hours.

    to avoid such infections:

    1. quit visiting porn sites.
    2. quit using P2P software
    3. stop using instant messanging software
    4. use an antivirus
    5. use an anti-trojan such as spybot
    6. quit opening attachments from people you don't 100% trust or don't know
    7. stop looking for "warez" and other nefarious programs and/or passwords to legitimate software you SHOULD have bought.
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    Did BitDefender quarantine the infections?

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    Use ccleaner first
    superanti-virus second
    malware bytes third
    avg fourth

    and to clean up everything use:
    Cleaner again.

    And you should be very very good.
  6. Bobbye

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    Kingmeet, the URL for the cleaning process was given in Post #4. That's what we recommend. It is not advisable to come along and tell someone if they run the programs you recommend that they should be "very very good"

    Malware cleaning is a process, not one big hit and it's over. Please confine yourself to the recommendations here.
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