56K modem problem... Is it starting to go down?

By vomacka
Dec 17, 2010
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  1. I have been using a Zoom model 3030 56K modem on my WinXP system for the last 5 years without any trouble. I always got a strong 56Kbs transfer rate. That is until last week.

    All of a sudden the transmission speed dropped from 56Kbs to what it is today, 3Kbs. It's stayed at this rate and has NEVER increased.

    The modem icon in the system tray says the modem is transmitting at 26.4Kbs. (But Is this a correct number?) My network monitoring software (NetWorx) says the actual speed is 3Kbs.

    I tried adjusting the maximum/minimum speed setting in the Windows XP modem properties but nothing worked. It stayed at 3Kbs.

    I went to the Zoom website but they did not have this model listed anymore and no updated drivers for it.

    Is this what happens when a modem starts to go down (stop working)? (The modem starts loosing transmission speed?) I am wondering if this is a sign that the modem is dying on me after 5 years of constant, everyday use.

    Could a corrupt driver be making the modem not work at it's maximum speed?

    Thanks for your input.

  2. mailpup

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    You could try reinstalling the modem driver since it's easy and costs nothing. You might also try removing the card and reseating it just in case there might be some corrosion buildup or something. If that doesn't work, just get a new one. PCI modems are relatively inexpensive.

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