6-core/12-thread Core i7 for $200, i7-5820K Revisited

Squid Surprise

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Thats why I wrote 'update'. My 5820k at 4.6 or even 4.4 is still kicking and Id like to see how it compares to new cpus.
It would need more than just benchmarks as prices for used ones have changed - and you can get the Ryzen 3600 for less.... and it’s vastly superior.

Wonder if they could do one on the 5960 though.... would be interesting to see if the first 8-core cpu still holds up...
"vastly superior" I dont think. More something like 5% more in games (at most) and 10% more in cpu specific benchmarks. I mean comparing the two clock for clock.

Of course if you have to buy from zero, 5820 does not male any sense and ryzen is king.

But im waiting for something much better than my cpu to upgrade (something like 50% better performance normalized per core number).