6200 vs 5500 or other

By fish4specs
Jul 27, 2006
  1. I'm looking for a new video card to replace my current video setup. I have an Asylum Nvidia Geforce FX5200 AGP (old with only VGA and S-Video outputs) and a very old 3DFX Voodoo4 PCI for second monitor. I don't do any heavy gaming, maybe RTCW or Matrix is about it. I do however do video editing with Canopu Edius NX (accelerates video and CPU hadles effects and filter). NX board requirements aren't very high (32-bit color at 1024x768.). I need dual monitor 1-dvi and 1 svga. Also must be AGP (NX board is PCIex1 and there is a PCIex16 slot but looks like with NX board installed nothing can physically fit in the x16 slot (chips on video card usually point down and NX card is too close)). So I found two cards eVGA 256-A8-N313-LX (FX5500 400Mhz 128bit) and eVGA 256-A8-N341-DX (6200 350Mhz 64-bit). Not sure of difference between 5500 and 6200. Both are about the same price, $40 after rebates. Or would something else in the price range - max $75 - be better.


    Athlon64 3700+
    ASRock 939Dual SATA2
    2 Gig DDR400
    XP Pro SP2

    Thanks, any insight and advice greatly appreciated.

    ps Kinda prefer Nvidia but not written in stone.
  2. vnf4ultra

    vnf4ultra TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,388

    Both should work fine, a 6200 is newer/faster, so if it's the same price, I'd say go for it.
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