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Feb 4, 2009
  1. I really do not want anything to do with Vista. (OK, I got that out of my system)

    (I was going to try and load XP PRO on my latest acquisition, a laptop, and not worry about it. After a week or more of scouring the internet for the drivers, I finally gave up when I couldn't get the sATA drivers for the hard drive and returned the HP dv7-1247cl.)

    Instead, we went with the more powerful laptop (HP dv7-1260us). It came preloaded with Vista Entertainment or something like that.

    I have Vista Ultimate. I was going to just Upgrade to Vista Ultimate. I can not. I get the message saying the UPGRADE is not available since it is a 64-bit PC and I have the 32-bit version of Vista Ultimate.

    Can I just go ahead and reformat the hard drive and load the 32-bit version of Vista Ultimate that I have?

    Are there any considerations to look out for?

    Are there software compatability issue?

    Do I Need to give Microsoft more money for a 64-bit version of Vista Ultimate?

    What are my options?
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    Hmmm... No replies after 22 hours. OK> I took a leap of faith and installed Vista Ultimate (32 bit) after reformatting the hard drive.

    IT WORKED!! And it was amazingly fast too.

    I then loaded Office97 followed by my Office2K upgrade. It worked too.

    2nd chance. (last chance, too. If I get no response to this next call for help I'll just not come back.)

    I can't find where to add users or how to add additional networking protocols.

    I can't even figure out, yet, how to add a network connection, wired or wireless.

    Any takers? Or do I just pack up my bags and go?


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    Hi! sorry about the delay! :p

    As far as my limited vista knowledge gos....... I will try to be of help :)

    You create user accounts and new networks exactly the same way as in windows xp, eg. control panel/user accounts. Network connections, respectively.

    I think both 32 and 64 versions are basicly the same animal. However 1 diffrence i know of is 32 bit vista only supports 4 gb of ram wheras 64 does 8gb.

    Hope this helps.
  4. ClaimCheck

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    Thanks for the reply. I didn't see User Accounts in the Control Panel. I may have missed it. I will look again.

    As for the Network connections... There is not. It is called Network and something... I go into there and I cannot determine how to add a network connection.

    I have tried the pull down menus and right clicking... nothing seems to jump out at me and say "HERE I AM!!! ME!! MEEE!! i CAN CREATE THE WIRELESS CONNECTION YOU NEED!!" Nor can I find where to install netbui so I can communicate with my other Win2k and XP machines.

    Is there somethng there and I just missed it?


  5. tw0rld

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