64-bit Ubuntu

By teradost
Nov 27, 2006
  1. I have a 32/64 bit motherboard and processor, and I am currently running Windows XP Pro x64. I am looking into installing Ubuntu on another partition and dual booting, and since the Live CD seemed to work OK, I am sure that the OS is compatible with the hardware.

    However, the version I downloaded is not formulated for 64-bit or RAID partitions. There are other Ubuntu ISOs which cater to those with 64-bit systems, or those with RAID partitions, but the descriptions on the differences between the ISOs is sketchy and sparse.

    I wanted to know if someone has a clear idea on what ISO I should use. Has anybody installed Ubuntu using a 64-bit Intel architecture? What about RAID 1? What ISO did you use, and were there any issues with the drivers?

    Thank you
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