6600GT and my OS crashing.

By hawk16
Feb 13, 2006
  1. Lately, the past 1-2 months. My 6600GT has been giving me problems. I downgraded to 77.77 drivers and it went fine. Recently this weekend, my card in all my games just crashed after 5 seconds of game and went into power save mode on my monitor. I was able to use my desktop fine etc.. But now I can' even boot my OS. My OS crashes once it gets to the login screen. A blue screen appears for a little milisecond, its impossible to read. And then the computer just restarts and does it again and again and again. I can open it up in safe mode. I have no idea what to do, I know my card runs hot but it should be able to at least load the desktop correct?
  2. hawk16

    hawk16 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    also, forgot to mention my card is an EVGA 6600GT 128mb. Mobo- Asus P4S800D, 1Gb memory, Microsoft xp.
  3. Lazareth

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    Ok first step is to find out what that blue screen says. In your bios there is a setting for when windows crashes it auto shut downs the computer preventing the BSD (blue screen of Death) error from showing up. cant remember the settings exact name but it will have "shut down" next to it as the current setting, you change it to where it does nothing. than restart get the error message write it down than we can go from there.
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