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Ok, heres the deal. One of my very good friends is having some issues with his computer, a Dell Dimension E510. I am here posting on his behalf due to his being at work today. He was recently given a Geforce 7800GTX OC video card for a gift. Upon putting in his Dimension 510 we realized that the power supply might not have enough juice to run the card(PSU is 305, minimum req for the card is 400) He ordered and recieved a new PSU that fit his computer(560w). He got everything plugged in correctly and working with his previous video card(raideon). Upon plugging in the new card, we get the same result.

He is using an adapter to drop down from the 24pin video(i think its called agp) to the CRT version to fit his older monitor. After getting the new power supply we did get a little farther in our quest by getting a "No Signal" flash on the monitor. When the computer boots everything seems operations(the fan on the video card spins). We checked both slots on the back of the video card, we tried with the alternate power plugged in and unplugged, we tried flashing his bios. Im at a loss here, i was reading these forums where someone had an identical setup and was able to get it to work.

Is there anyway a Monitor can be so old its incompatible with today's video cards?

Is there anyway to check the video card(other than plug it into another computer)?

Any help whatsoever on this matter would be GREATLY appreciated.


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first plug another monitor into his video card, if the other monitor works it is his monitor. if it does not u need to plug the video card into another computer, to see if it works.
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