8.1 to 10 upgrade issues


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Let me share with you a secret:
Do not use the upgrade route from windows to windows.
Especially if the previous windows installation had issues right from the get go.

1.Back up any important documents you need onto another logical hard drive or media device.

2.Read the provided link carefully, after that get a good 8gb flash drive ready to go.

3.Before doing a clean install, go into your case, unplug any secondary hdd's except your main one with W8.1 os.

4.Make sure you have your windows 8 key with you when windows 10 installation ask for it.

Long as microsoft has a record the product key is valid for windows 10.
You should have zero issues from beginning to end.

5. Use this after the installation is over with, it will tell you what hardware specs you have.

So that you can go on the internet and find the correct drivers for the mobo.