8 Steps - No detected infection

By ozzee
Dec 30, 2008
  1. I have a 4-station home-network. CA popped a vmalnum.ejmj warning on a machine (I run a 2nd World of Warcraft account on it, that's ALL it does), from what I can tell that warning was a false positive from an old install of MSN. But it go me thinking I should clean up the network.

    This is our main station, system is running slower then new, but don't they all? No KNOWN infections. The 8-steps popped WAY MORE items then I thought.

    I run Netgear Wireless Router, CA Security Suite (AV, Spyware, Firewall)

    Like I said no real symptoms, no known infections, just making sure everything's a-ok. Thanks for taking a look!
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    I would do exactly whats kimsland said by updating Malwarebytes. The most likely attack you will have will be from a new program and so the definition update to remove that file will not have been out long so you will need to update.

    Also i would advise you go Start>Run and type "msconfig"

    Then go to start up and disable some things like Quick time and ITunes for example. These can all be loaded probably quicker when you need then rather than them queuing along windows loading and stalling you start up

    You log is clean btw well for the moment untill you update Mlwarebytes
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    Thanks for the heads up on the start-up programs, I didn't realize you could set those in msconfig.

    Here's the new malware log

    What did CA miss? Any idea why? Do I not have it set the way it should be? Kinda bummed that I'm paying for AV that's supposed to secure my systems and didn't. :(
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