802.11g coming up as 48mps..then 32mps...etc etc

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Jul 31, 2007
  1. My 802.11g wireless card is giving me a lot of crap lately. It will not stay at 54. Sometimes it will, but then when I start to use the internet it goes down and down to 2mps and then shuts off. I am not far away from my access point and for the most part the signal is always very good. I tried using Wireless zero configuration, I tried using the software that came with it, but it always continues to do the same thing. Any thoughts?
  2. tipstir

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    Stick with one software, I use Windows XP WZC works the best. Make sure you have the latest drivers for your Wi-fi. Always use 54G performance or whatever you got for something like that. Make sure you're using 802.11g mode don't mix it with b or a or n.

    Signal is going to go from 48 to 54mbps or could just stick at excellent signal. If you got cordless (wireless in the UK) phones that are at 2.4GHz that will hurt your signal. I recommend getting 5.8ghz DSS, I know that DECT 6Ghz phones are out but there have been mix reviews on that.

    You might need to buy another access point to help the other access point out. Then again sometimes these devices go bad also..
  3. jobeard

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    if your router supports both G/B modes, force it to G mode only. Any neighbors
    on B will interfere with your G+B settings.
  4. tipstir

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    Wow you dig this one up again.. G is the way to go.. N mode is still up in the air..
  5. jobeard

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    here's one citation on compatibility issues

    another from PCworld

    An issue for range
    I wish I had saved the article on the why/wherefor of the interactions :(
  6. tipstir

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    Yes Jobeard, but I know one of our Senior Network Engineer told me he uses B mode at home told me it get better connects.. So unless there is something different between B and G except for the speed? I'll have to investigate this and see what I come up with it...
  7. jobeard

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    I believe that to be correct, but you are suffering from slowdowns.

    When a connection is made in G mode, you trundle along until a nearby B-Mode
    adapter becomes active which causes interference with your G mode connection
    (they're both on the same frequencies). Your adapter then struggles to try to
    keep the G mode, but in doing so it impacts your throughput. Coercing G only
    will avoid that flip-flop.
  8. tipstir

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    Unless you have a lot of other devices in the house that use 2.4GHz that would interfer with the wireless. I don't.. I got the 5.8GHz wireless DSS phones, yes they do use 2.4GHz but really hasn't been an issue. Wireless is here strong. Then again other users might suffer and need to use the B - mode.

    Again on other desktops should use auto instead of setting them to 100 full unless you have a PC that just downloads that can be set to 100 full. Kinda of balances out.

    G - MINO is a different store than just basic G or Super G or Turbo G. I just use Performance G with ANT AMP set to 100% strenght for both access points and laptops. So far so good. I can remote control into boxes I can do video editing, downloading, set up software to do a video convertion, look at live tv over the network or watch recording tv shows without jutter or skips.

    Well if you can get by with the B-mode good, but I am sticking with G-MIMO mode at Peformance an the ANT at 100%.
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