8600GTS FPS variations

By GoldenGypsy
Jul 29, 2007
  1. I have a M.S.I 8600GTS 256MB OC version.

    On Half-Life 2- Lost Coast benchmark thingy i get an average of about 100fps, FarCry plays apparently smoothly at full settings (although i have not checked the fps).

    However after a long play on Half-Life 2 (about 1hour) i receved laggy gameplay. On inspection of my FPS i noticed it was variying between 120fps and about 40fps. Which im sure it shouldnt do. This variation happened even if i was staring into a wall, which implys it is not a video stress related issue

    Is it something to do with overheating? I have monitored my video temp over a short play on Lost Coast and it did not exceed 60oC

    What could it be?

    System: Althon64 x2 4800, 2gb Kingston Value RAM, 8600GTS, 450W PSU

    Anyhelp appreciated
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